Cost of living in Nha Trang

Nha Trang has thousands of retirees from all around the world. It is a city with everything to suit a retired westerner. It has doctors’ surgeries with modern equipment, two new hospitals,(and an ultra modern , state of the art one due to open early in 2016-Vinmedic, which is part of Vingroup),(medical check up with tests about $25), western style dentists with ultra modern equipment, (about $10 for a cap per tooth ), eye hospital, many public tennis courts, two public golf courses (The best one is Vinpearl Golf Course), beaches, 5 supermarkets and malls,(a new one 'Big C', just opened on November 15 2014 and the Korean group Lotte, have built a huge mega mall), classy dining, massage and plenty of entertainment. Of course there are also hundreds of amazing fully landscaped, leafy and refreshing coffee cafes to enjoy the relaxed Nha Trang Lifestyle. New cafes open on a weekly basis.Vietnamese coffee is usually about $1.

Our company can assist in so many ways in moving to Nha Trang. Ten years ago Gary moved from the Gold Coast, Australia to Nha Trang. He moved office and household effects.

From EXPERIENCE & LOCAL KNOWLEDGE we can advise on government laws concerning immigration, customs, visas, setting up a bank account etc. As a husband and wife team we have the best combination in Vietnam.

Gary is an expat who has been living in Nha Trang for 10 years and knows the ropes.

Gary's wife Vinh was born in Nha Trang. Vinh has 10 years corporate accounting experience with foreigner companies.

Vinh can set up a company for expats retiring here.

We charge professional fees for our professional service, and are confident of being able to save you thousands of dollars and relieve a lot of stress when you move to Nha Trang. The first year or two in Vietnam Gary lost tens of thousands of dollars in his experience gaining "apprenticeship". That experience gained is now invaluable because Gary can help retirees avoid similar pitfalls.

It has taken a combined 20 years between Gary and Vinh to gather up the information that will save you, even thousands of hard earned dollars.

Nha Trang is affordable and safe and with high speed internet (now 12mps available), the world is still at your fingertips.

We can show you how to retire here without a financial implosion and as a result you will save serious money. We can also advise on how to save money on day to day costs, including accommodation and food. We also have excellent contacts with professional dentists and can save you up to thousands of dollars in dental fees.



Here is a very basic idea of living costs: Retire in Nha Trang on $840 Per month


Price per month


               US$ 400-US$500







Gas bottle


TV cable


Motor bike rental, fuel


Visa extention




Housekeeper (Once per week)





Dental fees $5- $10 per filling and many dentists can do caps and crowns. Private hospital fees  also cheap-about $25 for a serious check up. Medications is ultra cheap.


Price (based on month stay)

Central Nha Trang Area

Outsite Nha Trang Central Area

1. Accommodation



Guest house (per night):



a. Fan

b. Air con





Mini hotel (per night):



a. Fan

b. Air con





Boutique hotel



a. Fan

b. Air con





Apartment/ House (PER MONTH)



a. Non furnished



b. Furnished




Alternately a foreigner can buy an apartment very cheaply e.g. this one for sale (offers over USD65,000)






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