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Helping BUSINESS people to retire with a stress free lifestyle. Our aim is to help you set up a business, buy an existing business and or make your retirement as pleasant and affordable as possible. With our experience and professionalism we are confident of achieving that.

Many expats save a small fortune on dental care-we have excellent and professional contacts for that service.

We FOCUS solely on Nha Trang as being one of the world’s greatest retirement options, as backed up by Wendy Pennicord from Kliplinger.

We don't cover Vietnam or any other cities because we are not intimately knowledgeable about any other place apart from Nha Trang.

We check out new facilities daily and continually get updates from our expat contacts.

Seven reasons to become a client of ours (VRC Manual)

1. Advising on trip to Vietnam & Nha Trang

2. Advising on Visas

3. Assisting with finding accommodation

4. Assisting with daily living and advising options re health or dental care

5. Advising with one month backup

6. Comprehensive, professional retirement manual.

7. Business set up

Available as part of our professional fee package, Gary's manual - “How to Retire in Nha Trang”

Contact us for further information or a list of fees brochure:

Nha Trang Head Office 

By telephone:

Gary +84. 989 605 774 (in Vietnam 0989 605 774)

Vinh +84. 903 838 667 (in Vietnam 0903 838 667)

By email:

Here is a testimony of one of our clients, Michael,  who came here to retire. Michael was a lawyer in New York before coming to Vietnam.

"A short 5 months ago, I was wrestling with a major life changing choice.  Along with millions of baby boomers in the USA, I had to select the perfect retirement spot.  And my requirements weren't really all that unique.

1. I had to maintain my standard of living which, in NYC had become a pricey goal;

2. The beach had to be close at hand;

3. I wanted to feel welcome;

4. Intellectual stimulation is a must, with part time business prospects and choices;

5. A health and dental infrastructure that would permit me ..... And family at sleep at night;

6. A contact on the ground that would guide me through cultural and governmental changes without missing a beat or losing $.

Thanks entirely to VRC ( Gary and Vinh), this wish list was quickly achieved.

And the dividend:

Nha Trang boasts the freshest sea food and healthy cooking, resulting in a 20 lb weight loss without even trying!

Join us for the best coffee this side of Brazil.....and sea bass that would be the envy of a west village eatery in Manhattan,







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